Today's modern offices have a lot going on behind the scenes.

In order to operate your phones, computers, surveillance system and internet service, you need the right cables and wiring. Since your services can be affected by things like the HVAC system, lighting, and energy management systems, it's important to get it done right. That includes using the correct products for a specific installation

Your cables must transmit highly delicate signals in and around walls, machinery and equipment. That makes it even more important to have a well-designed cabling platform. Think of your cables and wires as the arteries of your network. If one gets blocked or broken, every component can suffer.

Whether you need service and support or a complete cabling design for a new workspace, Direct AVS is the right choice. With years of experience, we install excellent quality components in the optimal configuration so that you can reap the reward of years of faithful service.

Reach out to Direct AVS and let us help you create the right wiring system for your building!